Linguistic map

"Map redrawn and modified primary based on two maps by cartographer Roberta Bloom appearing in Mithun (1999:xviii–xxi). Incidentally, these maps are very derivative of the Driver map of the 1950s–60s (which means that, although published in 1999, it is not as up-to-date as one might think). The other main source used is the up-to-date and very well-done map found in Goddard (1996), which was revised as Goddard (1999). Essentially, Bloom's map was used for the projection and general outline of language borders while Goddard's maps were used to adjust Bloom's borders to reflect the more recent research.
Additional references include Sturtevant (since 1978), Mithun (1999:606–16), and Campbell (1997:353–76). Mithun and Campbell have several maps based on the maps found in Sturtevant (since 1978) and Bright (1992)." (2015). Map by ish ishwar. Public domain.