hépe ADJ, N 'a small amount, ca. half a container; piece, part, some, a bit'
tóa ADJ, PRON 'any' / 'some' / marker of the head in a relative clause
hó᷈õpa wĩ 'some day, some time, sometimes'
tá̃ãska INDEF PRON 'someone/something' (the name of which one doesn't remember), 'what-you-call-it, who's-it, what's-his/her name, thing, item'
táatã ~ táatã INTERR/INDEF PRON 'what' (interrogative) / 'things; anything, something; what, whatever' (indefinite or relative)
ðéeke ci ADV, PRON 'something scattered, sometimes, now and then' ðée 'that, this' + ke; ðéeke ci ðe 'anything over there'
ékã 'somewhat'

(Quintero 2010: 33, 63, 213, 215)

Cf. The indefinite quantifier 'some' and related elements in Lakhota.